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Welcome to the San Francisco Bay Area Represent.Us wiki,
a corruption and campaign finance wiki created and maintained by volunteers.
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This wiki is dedicated towards storing both general and legal knowledge about some of the critical issues of corruption and the state of campaign finance in various jurisdictions in the United States. Each jurisdiction will have its own statues, laws, and precedents that may or may not be related to others (both between equal jurisdictions and between levels, e.g. a city will not always inherit state law regarding some practices), giving each the possibility of being a unique case. The general issues each face, however, can be organized into specific topics; feel free to look around and explore some of the specific areas and places listed here!

Represent.Us is a national anti-corruption organization that implements major tenants of the American Anti-Corruption Act across cities, states, and eventually the federal level. This wiki is maintained by a group of Bay Area chapters; here is a list of cities we operate in -

Here is our old welcome page with information on how this wiki works and some guides about how to get started editing.